Level Design

Progress is coming along nicely despite lack of updates.  I updated the entire movement code to allow for custom gravity and smooth movement.  The custom gravity allows for wall slides and various other possibilities.  Started working on the Pause system, so far, its about 90% completed.  Just need to design some 'juciy' effects and some menu art, but for the most part, all the code for it is pretty much complete.

Transitioning between rooms was somewhat challenging, the specific system I wanted to incorporate took a little bit of time to piece together.  Also, I had started designing the system early on in the project, moved out with completing it and now coming back to it, made it even more challenging.  Take away? Document progress, document where you left of.  Try and finish things before moving on.  I need to adhere to these suggestions myself, but with such limited time and experience, I try and finish what is easier for me or what I consider low hanging fruit.

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