Hey Gang!

So its been a long time since I provided an update on here, mostly because I use twitter platform as the primary update log.  So if you want to keep updated on a more frequent schedule, hit me up on twitter, go follow me there and or send me some DMs.  I will post development updates on itch.io when I make a significant change.  So far, I do have a couple! 

First of all, I have completed the lighting system! This took a lot more work than it should have, but I'm pretty happy with it.  It uses a parent object, so any asset in the game can inherit lighting.  In addition, I am able to modify the size and color of the lighting, oh and shape as well.  Shape? yeah I can use cone lighting, or simple sphere with a radius etc.

I've also been working with tilesetter, which is an amazing application for quickly churning out tilesets.  I'm hoping this application can improve my workflow and help me iterate faster as we get ready for level building!

Thanks for the support! 

Much Love <3

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