Hello Boomer.

Hello, welcome to the very first dev log.  I am currently working on this title as a solo game developer.  The engine is Gamemaker studio 2, pixel pushing is happening in Aseprite, making music through an OP-1.  As a solo developer, this game will definitely take some time to complete, but I am hoping to prioritize this project.  I am aiming to make a relatively short game, something fun to look at and listen.  The inspiration for BOOMER is a combination of MeatBoy, Celeste and FEZ, which are some of my favorite titles.  I hope you enjoy my progress, if you ever want to jump and collaborate, Im always open to feedback and suggestions, just jump into the community chat or send me a message.

Current State

We have a couple of levels already built, have some songs posted in the bandcamp , Menu system, level and progression system, Dash attack is working nicely.  Next on the list, fix a couple of camera bugs and work on a sweet micro loop.

It would be awesome if you joined in the community chat and dropped some feedback.  

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